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This is tan trieu's web page. You can send mail to me at ttrieu@students.engr.scu.edu.
FONTS - New version Access FONTS: a flexible optical network traffic simulator
Further information available @ http://students.engr.scu.edu/snaiksat/fonts
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    Product Utility

    Product Utility

    User Upload Utililty

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    Click here to download the source for UserUploadUtility 1.0.2

    Q: What should you do when a British banker picks a fight with you?
    A: £ some ¢¢ into him.
    Q: What's got 4 wheels and flies?
    A: Garbage truck! Ha! funny.
    Q: If it takes one hour for two diggers to dig a hole, how long would it take for one digger to dig half a hole?

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