I am a Phd student at Santa Clara University advised by Prof. Yi Fang . My research interests are document analysis, Bayesian models, Deep Generative models with applications to information retrieval and recommendation systems. When I am not doing research, I have created Thai-subtitles for more than 120 minutes of Khan academy video lectures.
To reach me out, please email me: schaidaroon AT scu DOT edu



This section contains various study notes and unpublished manuscripts.

Deep Generative Models

Here are my notes from a self-study on Deep Generative Models:

Bayesian Probabilistic Graphical Model

Here are my notes on Bayesian Probabilistic Graphical Model:

Approximate Bayesian Posterior Inference

My notes on approximate inference on Bayesian networks:

Recommender Problems

Here are some recent works that I read on Recommender problems:

Study Projects and Implementation Note

Some of my study projects on various topics in Machine Learning:

Teaching Assistantship




Below are some of motivational quotes I like:

The friendly reminders on what NOT to do during the Phd program (I took these plots from the book, "Crafting Your Research Future" by Charles X. Ling and Qiang Yang):

This is what Phd students should do:

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