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  • Simulation and comparison of P2P networks: Engineered simulation of P2P networks by measuring quality of service under different network conditions i.e., output, packet dropping rate and queuing strategy.
  • Installed and configured Cloudera Distribution Hadoop: Successfully installed and configured CDH on Linux machine running on Oracle virtual box.
  • Technical report on GFS and Green Cloud Architecture: Composed technical report on Google File System and Green Cloud Architecture during directed research course.
  • Gmail notifier using raspberry pi: Implemented gmail notifier using raspberry pi. Switches LED’s color when email is unread and read.
  • Implementation of single cycle MIPS32 CPU: Generated waveform for a hardware description single cycle datapath using Verilog on Xilinx.
  • Job Management System with fair scheduling: Designed JMS with fair scheduler in a cluster to “fairly” run different kinds of jobs in terms of load, priority, utility and application.

    WORK EXPERIENCE Firmware Test Technician                        April 2015 ⇌ Present Customer solutions technician intern                        June 2014 ⇼ August 2014 Technical Specialist                        November 2010 ⇼ June 2011

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