MediaMobz Select

I developed MediaMobz Select, a mobile extension of the MediaMobz media storage and content creation platform using the AWS S3 SDK for iOS. MediaMobz Select is written in Swift and runs on iPhone.

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A+ Grade Calculator
2.0+: Swift | 1.0: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

I won first place in the 2014 Congressional Student App Challenge in Washington's 3rd Congressional district with my app, A+ Grade Calculator, which was originally written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and compiled using Adobe Phonegap, but the release version is currently written in Swift and runs on iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Leonardo's Pizzeria Email Collector

I was commissioned by the owner of Leonardo's Pizzeria, in Vancouver, WA., to create an app which collects the email addresses of his customers as they visit his restaurant and subscribes them to his newsletter. The application runs on iPad and is written in Swift.

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Tutree in Person Tutoring
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

I optimized Tutree's existing website for mobile devices as well as designed HTML5 emails.

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More About Me

I am a Computer Science & Engineering student at Santa Clara University this year, and have been a registered independent iOS Developer since 2012. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Swift. I have a great deal of experience in coding with Xcode, specifically for iOS and watchOS devices. A selection of the projects I've worked on are included above.


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