Arroyo Seco River Hike

6th Annual Arroyo Seco River Hike : Summer 2011
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Directions and Maps


Arroyo Seco Campground
47600 Arroyo Seco Road
Greenfield CA 93927
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Take 101 South and exit on Arroyo Seco Road. Watch for the exit as you near Soledad. It comes up soon after you pass the big "It's Happening in Soledad" billboard. Make a right on Arroyo Seco Road. You will travel along this road for approximately 23 miles.

Some checkpoints to assure you that you're on the right track:

  • 1 mile: Intersection with Fort Romie road (on the right)
  • 0.25 mile: Intersecton with Paraiso Springs Road (on the right)
  • 1 mile: Intersection with Los Coches Road (on the left)
  • 2 miles: Intersection with Clark Road (on the right)
  • 2.5 miles: Intersection with Thorne Road (on the left)
  • 2.5 miles: Intersection with Leslie Lane (on the right)
  • 0.25 mile: Intersection with Elm Avenue (on the left)
  • 4.5 miles: Intersection with Sycamore Flat Road (on the left)
  • 2.5 miles: Intersection with Carmel Valley Road (on the right). This is a confusing little intersection - keep left and head down, not up!
  • 0.25: Store (on the left)
  • 0.25: Noggles Country Mart (on the right)
  • 5 miles: Arroyo Seco Road ends at the entrance to the Arroyo Seco Campground

Group Site

Once you pass the campground entrance, you will drive over a small bridge and follow the road on an upward slope. You'll see a one way road on your left, quickly followed by a small turnout (on your left as well). Continue until the road forks by the family campground, and bear left at the triangular divider in the road. At this point, you should be heading downhill with campsites on your left. Pass the entrance to the campsites and the road will gently curve around downhill. The group site is located at the bottom of the slope, on your left. Look for a large sign and gate. Parking is allowed in the dirt area along the left side of the road, but not allowed on the right.