Santa Clara, CA - November 11, 2001 - At the university renowned for its landscaping, the students behind the labs at Santa Clara University's Computer Engineering department are gearing up to what could be a revolution in comics. The project "Integrated Intelligent Image Processing" (IIIP) seeks to bridge the gap between daily comics and human intelligence to create an interface where users can search images by characters and themes.

The nature of a comic strip often depends on the person's interpretation of the comic's subject. IIIP seeks to limit the wide variance on interpretations by monitoring the actors present in a comic and the situation of where these actors are placed. Users can then search comics by characters and themes through a web interface. The resulting comics will hopefully give the user a punchline to be used in a lecture or at a party.

The project is currently in its design phase, with alpha and beta versions of the software expected in February and May 2002 respectively. Although the project is planned for a public demonstration in May 2002, there are no plans of releasing this software to the mass market.

About Integrated Intelligent Image Processing

Formed in June 2001, the staff of 3 Computer Engineering students have devoted their lives outside of the classroom for the development of IIIP. Vrej Balian, Panos Kozanian and Nam Tran have begun their final year of college in pursuit of a BS in Computer Engineering. Their advisor, Dr. Darren Atkinson has been at Santa Clara University since 2000 joining the team in October 2001. Besides providing the focus for the project, he maintains his advisory role by listening to his students concerns. The team is currently unfunded but is seeking industry sponsors. If you would like to provide funding or need more information, contact the team

About Santa Clara University

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