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Shop our camp products so that you can arrive at camp well-prepared! We seel various textbooks and classroom materials at discounted prices, as well as apparel and accessories so that you can show off your EdCamps spirit!

EdCamps Tee


EdCamps T-Shirt

Show off that you were an EdCamps Inc. participant with this fun tee! One size fits all.

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JS Textbook


Intro to JavaScript

This textbook is essential for learning the basics to JavaScript. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your very own Javascript game! 4th Ed.

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EdCamps Backpack


EdCamps Backpack

Keep all of your camping essentials in one place with this trendy backpack! Great for bringing materials with you to class.

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EdCamps Waterbottle


EdCamps Waterbottle

Always stay hydrated! Purchase this EdCamps waterbottle and personalize it with stickers that you can find in our camp store onsite!

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Web Programming Textbook


Intro to Web Programming

This textbook is essential for learning the basics to web programming. 5th Ed.

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