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Advisor Silvia Figueira
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* "Multi-Threading on Multi-Core Machines: Performance Gains and Energy Savings"

Ginger (Cheng-Ling) Tseng and Silvia Figueira
Computer Measurement Group Conference
FL, USA, Dec 6-10, 2010
CentOS (Linux, POSIX thread)

* "An Analysis Of The Energy Efficiency Of Multi-Threading On Multi-Core Machines"

Ginger (Cheng-Ling) Tseng and Silvia Figueira
IEEE Green Computing Conference, Workshop on Progress in Green Computing
2010 IGCC Workshop, Chicago, IL, USA, Aug 15-18, 2010
CentOS (Linux, POSIX thread)
sample slide

* "Flat hex pattern for large range fast motion estimation"

Cheng-Ling Tseng and Nam Ling
IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Jan. 11-13, 2008
(H.264 SVC base layer Joint Model)

Section Chair

IGCC 2010 IEEE International Green Computing Conference Chicago, IL, USA, Aug 15-18 IEEE Computer Society

Technical Program Committee

Innovations 2009 IEEE Computer Communications Society.

Invention Disclosure 2008 Nov


International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Standard Meeting

VCEG-AJ, ITU-T SG16/Q6 VCEG, 36th Meeting, San Diego, California, USA, Oct. 2008
JVT-AA, Joint Video Team (JVT) of ISO/IEC MPEG & ITU-T VCEG, 27th Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, Apr. 2008


ISCAS 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 18-21 May Seattle, Washington, USA
SiPS 2007 IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems