Cesar Tesen

Based in Santa Clara, CA ยท ctesen@scu.com

I am a Computer Engineering student with a creative side and a strong DIY ethic. I came from Los Angeles to the Silicon Valley to make big things happen.


Graphic Design


I developed the Drawbot with 2 partners for our Engineering 1 project. The constraints for the project were to use an Arduino Uno and the budget for the rest of the build to be under $20. It's powered by 2 servos to drive itself and turn. By specifying turning angles and drive times in the code, we use those as building blocks to draw figures on paper. At the intersection of technology and art, the Drawbot is capable of drawing basic polygons fairly consistently and accurately; we were even able to spell the letters "SCU."

RGB LED strips are commonplace nowadays for anyone looking to customize the look of their home. I was unsatisfied with the standard controller bundled with my strips, and decided to implement a custom Arduino controller to extend the functionality of these lights. The first added feature was an audio visualizer. Then with the help of online forums, I experimented with custom modes like a fireplace mode. Ongoing improvements include Amazon Alexa integration, sleep timer, and a more compact enclosure.

I have a MIDI keyboard that I occasionally use with Logic Pro X, however I wanted to have the ability to play the instrument without the need for me booting up my laptop and opening the heavy Logic Pro application. This project future project will give me a chance to learn how to use a Raspberry Pi as a MIDI controller with several keyboard profiles. Another addition to this project that I am interested in is emulating an analog synthesizer.


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