Cynthia Le

Loves engineering, dancing, sunshine, smiles, and lots of cookies

Welcome to my sandbox for learning and exploring the possibilities of what I can create on the web
and sharing some things I've created in the past

I've created this site as a personal project to gain more experience working with HTML, CSS, and javascript,
as well as some features added in Bootstrap.

About me


Computer Science and Engineering
Dance minor
Class of 2017
Student Ambassadors
SCU Hipnotik
SCU Chinese Student Assocation


Interested in:
Web Development
R & D
Mobile Development
User facing applications


Performance, Teaching, Choreography
Hip Hip
Traditional Chinese Dance




Study Abroad Edinburgh


Meaning of Life


Chinese fan dance solo

Self Choreography- Jazz with Chinese influence

Spotlight Dance Cup:
Best Student Choreography Award
Judge's Choice Award
Senior Soloist 8th place

Image Video
Scorpion Kick in Boise Fountain

My Story

I started dancing when I was 5 years old. Throughout the years, my love for dance grew as I trained in many styles of dance: ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and traditional Chinese Dance. In 2009, I began teaching the Intermediate Chinese dance class at the Boise Modern Chinese School. I also volunteered my time teaching an after-school Chinese dance class to kindergarten-second graders at Gateway Elementary School. Now at SCU, I am working on a dance minor, am an active member of the Hip hop dance team at my university, SCU Hipnotik, and the contemporary dance group, Santa Clara Dance Coalition.

Image Boise Chinese Dance
B-Boy dance with SCDC

Santa Clara Dance Coalition

SCU Abydos Dance Show
Choreography by Philip Sykes

Image Video
Solo during SCU Hipnotik Competition Set

SCU Hipnotik

Performance at Breakthrough 2015 at Bob Hope Theater

Image Video
C jump in Boise Downtown

Why do I love it?

Dancing helps me stay fit, happy, and healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm not a big fan of words, so being able to express my energy and thoughts through movement feels great. I have made some of my best friends through dance and have been offered some incredible opportunities and experiences to learn and to share my passion and joy with others. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to teach as well, because ultimately, I want to empower others to feel confident and learn to work with the capabilities of their own bodies and creative minds to create great things, because those are some of the most impactful skills that I have gained from dancing.

Red Ribbons for Boise 150

Boise Traditional Chinese Dance Group

Boise 150 Celebration Event
Self Choreographed Chinese Ribbon Danec


Boise Traditional Chinese Dance

Arts and Crafts

Porsche Turtles Birthday card Cupcake Bunny Birthday Card Starry Triple Cupcake Birthday Card
Drawing: Coach Purse Drawing: Corset Dancer Back Arabesque Drawing: Porsche Turtle Driver Drawing: Ballerina Back Attitude Drawing: Ballerina Front extension LOVE Drawing: Elephant Ice Cream Drawing:Cell Block Girl


Dean's Village Edinburgh
On top of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Study Abroad Fall 2016

I've had the priviledge to do a good amount of traveling around the world. One of my most memorable experiences so far was studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. I took 4 classes at the University of Edinburgh, explored on the weekends in Scotland and through Europe, ate too much late night pizza, enjoyed haggis and climbed Arthur's Seat any chance that I could (once a week at least). Check out my blog

Image blog
St. Andrews Old Course
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
Highland Coo, Edinburgh