I am Bhumika Gupta, Computer Science Graduate student at Santa Clara University. I like programming and I'm always awed by how simple lines of code turn into something amazing. I've had a fair share of programming at both - front and backend. However, I have an inclination towards the front-end because it employs the creative part of me. As they say, front end is a backbone of your application. It can either break or make your app.
One can always design an application based on user needs. But as an engineer, my aim is to present something beyond their imagination. I wish to become a full stack developer and my goal is to get an internship/full-time job so that I may provide expertise on the technologies I'm aware of and can help me and the organization grow together.




Globallogic Technologies- client Google (Jan 2013- May 2015)

Jyoti Shukla, former team member.
"Bhumika was really a focused and helping senior to work with. She is very quick, logical and smart. The dedication she puts in to her work proved really inspiring for me. Amazing and fun to work with."

Kapoor Son’s Private Limited, India

April 2010- June 2010
Learnt about electronic circuits and circuit designing. Worked on different motherboard devises, toroubleshooting minor issues.

Webcom Technologies, India

March 2011- May 2011
Learnt about web designing. Worked on web assignments and project which included creating a web application for tax payers.


Santa Clara School of Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Engineering (Expected 2017)
Course-work: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Secure Coding in C & C++, Web Programming I, Information Security Management, Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Requirements

Baru Sahib University

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering (2008-2012)
Tejas Subrahmanya, former professor at Baru Sahib.
"Bhumika is among the brightest students I have ever taught at Eternal University. A person par excellence, she is one who knows how to maintain her relationships with her peers and teachers. Her professionalism makes her one of the finest persons to interact with. Quick to grasp topics, she can ask the right questions and makes the right judgement choices to prove her point. She will always be an excellent student for life."

Academic Projects


KITAAB is a modular website that provides Santa Clara University students a platform where they can buy or sell used books.
Implemented the front end using HTML5/CSS3/JS (no other framework was used) and the server end scripting dynamics using AJAX, JSON, PHP, which employed features such as live search, suggestions based on search and user credentials(Login/SignUp) functionality. The database in use was MySQL.
Code on Github.

Campus Smart Cafe

It is a robust and user friendly simulation application in Java. Using this users can access various on campus facilities such as library, labs and food services (cafe's and vending machine.) Along with this, they can monitor their calories and expenditure per day.
The project was developed using JAVA. All the OOP concepts were thoroughly learned, implemented and the UI was based on Swing and JAVAFx. I used the MVC architecture and SQLite (JDBC) for persistence
Code on Github.

Web Based Interactive Quiz

This is an online quiz which randomly selects subject areas, typically, concentrates on one specific area of interest every day. The questions are stored in a JSON file. Depending on the type of question that is randomly selected, the section display the question in that specific format(based or MCQ.) This is a time based quiz with a timer and a progress bar. Results are calculated during the quiz and shown next to the question.
The project was implemented using Javascript, HTML5, CSS, JSON.
Code on Github.

Data Analysis App for IMDB User Review Data

This is an application which runs queries on the MovieLens/imdb data and extracts useful information. The primary users for this application are users seeking for movies and their ratings that match their search criteria. The UI provides the user the available movie attributes such as genre, country, cast, rating, year and user’s tags and ratings. The application returns movie title, genre, tags, year, country, ratings.
The project was developed using JAVA, Swing, SQL.
Code on Github.

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