Paintball Club At SCU SCU Paintball Team

The SCU paintball team continues to maintain afloat even with the outrageous cost that playing the sport brings to the table. Fortunately they put on several events throughout the year in order to interest more students to play the sport. Fun day, which is coming up this Saturday October 3rd, is one of the surprisingly cheap ways that the team helps interest other SCU students. For only 30$students can rent guns, have paint for the day, and eat the provided pizza. Tables will be around campus for students to gather more information throughout the week.

Activities That Paintball Club Partakes In

Paintball as said earlier is a very intense intercollegiate sport. Though, very few colleges have paintball club sports teams, it seems to be a growing sport around the nation. The NCPA hosts large paintball tournaments such as the 2009 NCPA College Paintball Championship.If you think you may be intersted in such a sport. take a look at the match with the link above.