Abhishek Birjepatil

  • I'm currently a first year master's student in Department of Computer Science, Santa Clara University.
  • I'm a research assistant in Prof. Silvia Figuera's group.
  • I completed my Bachelor's in Information Technology from Pune University, India in June 2013.
  • Mobile applications, Big data, Quality Assurance and embedded devices have been my area of interest and would like to research in these fields.

Work Experience

  • Publication of research paper in IJSER


    Controlling Database Access by Providing Access Permissions on Database Objects

  • Research Assistant - Frugal Labs, Santa Clara University
    2014-Till Present

    • Setting up an ad-hoc network using raspberry pi for peer to peer communication between android devices.
    • Designed access control mechanism for routing packets across the mesh network.Responsible for designing the infrastructure of the network.
    • Project Selected in the top 8 finalists “Vodafone Wireless Innovations 2015”.

  • Associate Software Engineer - Mobien Technologies Pvt Ltd, India.

    • Configured the firewall to enable smooth internet access using the existing infrastructure.
    • Tweaked an open source web based Project Management System to keep a track of projects in progress.
    • Designed a web platform for a Fortune 100 client which was completed on schedule with minimum beta testing.

  • Associate Software Engineer, Sofomo Embedded Solutions Pvt Ltd, India.

    • Implemented a Wireless Printing Mechanism for a hand held EKG device.
    • Deployed a web application which helped in provide medical care for remote area's.

  • Intern - Symantec Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, India.

    • Completed a research project for auditing licenses and electronic devices used by Symantec.


  • Santa Clara University - Masters of Science Computer Software Engineering.
    GPA: 3.60
    Sept 2014 - May 2016

    Relevant Courses

    • Truth Deduction and Computation
    • Computer Networks
    • Web Programming
    • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
    • Object Oriented Modeling and Design
    • Database Management Systems

  • Pune University - Bachelor of Engineering Information Technology.


    Graduated with Fist class with distinction from Pune University.

My Address

Santa Clara, California.

Email Address


About Me

Currently a student at Santa Clara University pursuing my Master's in Software Engineering. Before joining Santa Clara University, I worked with Mobien Technologies Pvt Ltd,Pune as an Associate Software Engineer. I completed my under grad from Pune University in Information Technology. Mobile applications, Big data and embedded devices have been my area of interest and would like to research in these fields.

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